Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank You!

This is a great big THANK YOU to all of those who donated time, money and thought to help preserve our beautiful road.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Our Way to National Scenic Byway Designation

The Partnership to Preserve Military Road has partnered with the Three Lakes Town Board and the Three Lakes Information Bureau to an upgrade from Military Road's current status as a Forest Service Scenic Byway. With this designation, the road will be eligible for many grants, including those that will fund tourism and advertisements, safety measures, help with historical and archaeological findings and much more. There is also a seed grant available to cover the initial research and development costs.

TONIGHT, May 3, 2007, is our weekly meeting of the Partnership (6:30pm, Three Lakes Town Hall). We will be organizing Superior Trail trustees, setting up fund raisers, assigning interim officers, brainstorming membership and more organizational tasks. There are lots of places to plug in and be a part of Three Lakes and National History.

If you cannot make tonight's meeting and would like to be a part of the action, or if you have any ideas, please contact us at

See you tonight!

For more information on this designation, please see

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Conservationists work together over the generations to save the trees

From the Superior Broadcast Network:

"Walt Goldsworthy was a Three Lakes conservationist. Goldsworthy died seven years ago, but during his life helped preserve the Thunder Lake marsh and the Sam Campbell Memorial trail. Goldsworthy helped save the 1930's log shelter houses at Franklin Lake campground and set up the Franklin Lake interpretive nature trail. Goldsworthy also helped preserve the Military Road. Nick Vander Puy from the Superior Broadcast Network talks with Walt's widow, Doris Goldsworthy, about her husband's accomplishments."

Download this Radio Story:

See Photos and read a Transcript:

Friday, April 6, 2007

Fear and Loathing in Three Lakes

(This Letter to the Editor was also submitted to the Three Lakes News)

Dear Editor:

This spring has been unseasonably hot in Three Lakes. Between the Military Road issue and the Town Board election, the recent arctic front couldn't even begin to cool things off.

What’s been causing all the heat? Vehicles with political signs being towed away and impounded, a town official on election day threatening to have another vehicle with a political sign towed away, unprovoked threats by the police, ribbons marking Military Road trees being torn off and left to lay, with the perpetrators accusing the tree markers of littering. Top that off with hate mail and threatening phone calls, and you've got plenty of tinder for a scorching blaze.

Why did this happen in the normally quiet and friendly community of Three Lakes? Because fresh blood and new ideas are often considered threatening to those who get used to doing things the same way. When I first got involved in the community, I was treated like a piece of...well, to put it politely, I was treated like I didn't matter. A faction of the Town Board first ignored me, and when I didn't go away they gave me the runaround. When that didn't work either, they tried to discredit and censor me.

A healthy organization welcomes new thoughts and energy, because they help it grow and adapt to change. Thankfully, that is now starting to happen in Three Lakes. New faces are appearing in our town government. There were many kind and caring people who had given up because they thought there was no chance for their voice to be heard. They now have renewed hope--they are speaking up, getting involved, and coming to Town Board Meetings.

This is democracy in practice--everyone coming together to work for the common good, rather than a small handful of people making the decisions for everybody. That was not the fault of our elected officials, we must remember, because if they are truly going to serve us, it is our responsibility to speak up, vote, and get involved.

This has all come at a cost--thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours most of us didn't have to spare, along with having to face angry and mean-spirited people. But it was all worth it--I'd do it again in a heartbeat if it was needed. I have made friends with some of the Board members and I have many new friends in the community. And--most rewarding to me--I've discovered that we're not so different after all. We all dream of a safe and beautiful, thriving community where we can live in peace and mutual respect. I'm hoping we can rise from the ashes of conflict and be a shining example for others of what a true community can be.

Tamarack Song
Three Lakes

The Road Plan Has Been Scrapped!

Jim Bollman of MSA reports today that the road plan has been scrapped!

MSA hopes to have a new plan drafted by June 1st and they will be open to new and additional comments until May 1st (see below post for the previous comment form). Starting now, they will be gathering new data and info: archaeological and historical, soil and pavement, and topography. When completed, the draft will be presented for public approval.

The Partnership will be meeting at the Three Lakes Town Hall as usual (Thursday- April 12 @ 6:30pm) to discuss (and celebrate!) this key development.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Ed Cottingham wins a seat!

Town of Three Lakes Election Results

(from WJFW)

Supervisor (2 seats open)

Dave Hapka (I) 542

Bill Martineau (I) 361

Ed Cottingham 370

Ed wins his seat by 9 votes!

Thanks to all who got out and voted Tuesday.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

MSA comment forms

MSA, the engineering firm in charge of the redevelopment of Military Road, distributed comment forms for the project at the last public meeting on March 14th.

The original form deadline was by March 29th- although with the recent (4/6) scrapping of the previous road plan, you can still download a comment form, print it out and tell MSA exactly what you think the new plan should look like. One idea: a raised roadbed instead of ditches, which would dramatically reduce the number of trees to be cut.

Jim Bollman, P.E.
MSA Professional Services, Inc.
1835 N. Stevens Street
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Please indicate on the envelope the project i.d. number: 9907-02-00, Military Road, STH Oneida/Vilas County Line, Oneida County